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Amadan are back, scraping away the grease-paint with their fingernails to reveal The Old Curiosity Show.  John Patrick Higgins’ new play sees a thread-bare troupe of troubadours wrestle with three Victorian melodramas, with the shabbiness of their surroundings and finally with each other.

Expect buffoonery, slapstick, innuendo and dark humour as this show about a show slowly unravels revealing the bare bones treading the bare boards.


Cast - 


Countess Erzebet Battery, minor gentry from somehwere vageuly European - Gemma Mae Halligan

Sir Vere Vere de Vere, ageing juvenile lead - Jude Quinn

Anne Idiotte, an idiot - Helen Ashton

Written by John Patrick Higgins.

Photo credit - Neal Campbell

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