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Making the World Braver

Amadan creates physical theatre using clown and bouffon- honing the craft in Paris at Lecoq, and from Philippe Gaulier.  Amadan creates work that is provocative, stimulating, relevant, entertaining and challenging.  Often the work is non-verbal creating a visual experience for audience interaction with space to add their own narrative and often their own voice. Through Clowning they want to bring joy and entertainment, through their Bouffons the intention is to provoke and excite. 

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Our Story

Gemma Mae grew up in a theatre family and always wanted to be an actor.  Jude was meant to take over the family construction business but wanted to be an actor.  After years of being jobbing actors, not getting enough work, not getting the right kind of work Gemma went to Dublin and Jude went to France and there he found Clown and Bouffon.  When they both came home Jude wanted to make a Bouffon show so asked Gemma to help, Mick Duke then AD of Tinderbox saw their first effort and funded them to see if there was any mileage in this new partnership.  During this process the organisation Amadan and their son were born.  They quickly created three shows and started touring, growing the company and adding in an emphasis on training.

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