Amadan are husband & wife team Jude Quinn & Gemma Mae Halligan, who have been creating edgy & physical theatre since 2014.  Using the styles of clown & bouffon Amadan want to engage with their audience in a visceral, entertaining, relevant & at times confrontational way. 

Amadan takes risks to make the world braver.

We are Amadan.


We have worked as actors, in stage management, as a Clown Doctor, landlord, workshop facilitator, hotel receptionist, sales assistant, bar staff, painter, box office staff and will probably continue to do so.


We are partially funded.


We create theatre using clown and bouffon.

We learnt about clown and bouffon in Paris at Lecoq, from Philippe Gaulier, Mick Barnfather, Jos Houben and Eric Davies.  We wanted to stay in Paris but we came home to Belfast.

We want to create work that is provocative, stimulating, relevant, entertaining and challenging.


We take risks.


We are theatre makers, continually evolving our practice and our roles.

We tour with our work both nationally and internationally.

We need to make work in a way that respects our relationship and our role as parents.


We collaborate with other artists and art forms.


We create training opportunities for local performers to learn with master practitioners and to encourage a culture of continued performer training.

We create work that is often political but not politically motivated.


We are fools.  We like to play. 


We are Amadan.

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Co-founder & creative director of Amadan.  Gemma Mae has worked as an actor for over 10 years with companies including Rough Magic, Lyric Theatre Belfast, Tinderbox, the Abbey Theatre, Kabosh & Centre Stage.  Gemma Mae has trained in Critical Response Process with Liz Lerman & has trained with Mick Barnfather, Philippe Gaulier & Eric Davis.  With Amadan she has been able to combine this with a love for design & making, as well as experimenting with devising & directing.

Co-founder & creative director of Amadan. Jude has worked as an actor for over 10 years with companies including Prime Cut, Ulster Theatre Company, Riverside Theatre, ART NI & Cahoots NI.  Jude also worked as a Clown Doctor which lead him to train at L'Ecole Internationale de Theatre Jacques Lecoq & Ecole Philippe Gaulier.  With Amadan he has been able to put his unique skills to work & concentrate on his favourite performance styles - Clown & Bouffon.