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Geppetto 2024 Tour of NI & ROI
March & April 2024 

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Geppetto, original story by David Morgan (The Untold Truth of Captain Hook) is a fun and hilarious non-verbal production for everyone aged 6yrs+ and audiences with diverse needs.  In his forgotten repair shop Geppetto spends his days half-heartedly fixing broken things.  He is completely alone, living a life empty of happiness and joy. One night The Blue Fairy visits Geppetto's shop and completely turns his life upside down; a lamp causes havoc, radios burst into song, and a hoover is determined to cause trouble.  Together they go on a journey filled with fun and laughter and Geppetto's new friend leads him into a world full of hope before giving him one last gift... one story’s end is just another story’s beginning. 


Geppetto features puppetry, music and physical comedy; think Mr. Bean meets Pixar. The show is 50 mins in length and has some loud noises and bright lighting effects.



Geppetto has been created and developed with young audiences in mind and is aged for 6+, however suitable for the the entire family.   It is a non-verbal performance, making it suitable for audiences with diverse needs and those for whom English is not their first language.




Geppetto was written by David Morgan, developed by Amadan Ensemble and directed by Gemma Mae Halligan. The music was composed by Dave Marks and Geppetto is played by Jude Quinn.



Geppetto is Touring a number of lucky venues across NI  & ROI, below are links to buy tickets! 

Island Arts Centre- 15th March TICKETS  

Armagh Marketplace Theatre -16th March TICKETS 

Seamus Heaney HomePlace - 24th March TICKETS 

Lyric Theatre Belfast - 27th to 30th March TICKETS 

Newry Town Hall - 4th April TICKETS (to be announced!) 

Playhouse Derry - 6th April TICKETS 

Hawk's Well Theatre Sligo - 9th April TICKETS 

An Grianan Theatre - 18th April TICKETS 


Audience Feedback

From Adults:

“An absolutely gorgeous piece of theatre.  Incredible attention to detail and what a music score” 

“A brilliant show, funny moving and beautiful”

“So moving, the way it reached out to people and made us laugh, cry and connect. Amazing”

“Wonderful, moving, don’t wear mascara”


From Children:

“So brilliant, I think it was really magical”

“It was amazing, I loved it”

“I was glued, from start to finish”

‘The best show ever”


Masterclass with 
David Glass 

at The MAC,Belfast 
7th - 9th Jan 2024 

Supported by Belfast City Council


Amadan Ensemble is hosting a masterclass by David Glass, as part of this year’s inaugural Theatre Works Fest NI and is supported by Belfast City Council and our partner The MAC, Belfast.  This masterclass focuses on developing the skills and tools required for making your own creative work for individuals and groups.


Devised theatre sits at the heart of modern theatre practice, where the actor/performer as collaborative maker is central.  David Glass is one of the world's pioneers in this expanding area and has influenced the work of many, including Complicite, Gecko Theatre, DV8, and O Theatre. 


Based on David Glass’s Alchemy of the Extraordinary Creative Practice, this masterclass is a must for any performer or company wishing to develop their own work.  The course is rigorous, playful and practical and over the three days, the participants will learn the fundamentals of Devised Theatre and will come away with tools and skills they can use immediately in creating work.


Key areas will be:

  • Ensemble and group creative practice

  • Emerging material

  • Analysis of material-ideas, image, dramatic situations, character, expressive mediums 

  • The arc of choosing material: Interesting, Resonant, Relevant and Appropriate.

  • The Creative triangle tension of Artist, Art and The World 

  • Theatre being Evocation, Provocation and Invocation

  • The organic relationship of Story, Drama, Design and Music/Sound. 


Appropriate to beginners and professionals, teachers and students.  Please bring loose fitting clothes for moving comfortably around in and an open heart and mind.


DATES - 7th to 9th Jan 2024

LOCATION - The MAC, Belfast 10 Exchange St West, Belfast BT1 2NJ

COST - £140.00

TO BOOK - Click here

BURSARY FOR BELFAST BASED ARTISTS - 6 Belfast based artists will be eligible for a reduced fee bursary thanks to the support of Belfast City Council.  



*More about David Glass - 


David Glass is an International award winning solo performer, theatre director, writer, teacher and creative thinker.  He is one of the UK’s most prominent Theatre Directors and one of the principal founders of the Physical / Visual, Devised, Adapted Ensemble and Applied theatre movements.

He trained at the Lecoq school of physical theatre and studied with Decroux, Grotowski, Alvin Ailey, Mike Alfreds, Ed Berman, Peter Brook, Master Lim and Agusto Boal and has taught students across the world.  Former students include: Simon McBurney (Complicite), Emma Thompson,  Amit Lehav (Gecko Theatre), Hayley Carmichael and Paul Hunter (Told by An Idiot) and Lloyd Newson (DV8).  David has spearheaded collaborative practice and has always looked for new creative avenues unconcerned by fashion or fad.


“David Glass’s aims are true... his climate emergency work ‘Requiem For Change ‘ is brilliant and ground breaking. One of our great artist teachers”

-Mark Rylance (Olivier and Academy Award Winner)


“ David is one of the world’s great teachers and artists of our time who has never been afraid to examine truth in all its manifestations; both beautiful and ugly and has touched thousands of souls in a lifelong quest to connect and build meaningful relationships. He has a rare gift.”

-Amit Lahav (Artistic Director Gecko Theatre)


“David Glass’s Creative Practice is a unique and courageous exploration 

of the archetypal experience of being human.”

-Peter Brook (International Theatre Director)


 “David Glass remains one of the pioneers and key figures of British and International Theatre.” 

-John McGrath (Artistic Director of Manchester International Festival)



Bursary information:

This bursary is for people who have an interest or experience in making their own theatrical work and/or devised theatre.  This bursary is supported by Belfast City Council and reduced the masterclass fee to £60.00. 


To be eligible for this bursary you must be-

  • Based in Belfast - for the purposes of the bursary that means within the limits of Belfast City Council.  Please include your address and postcode.

  • A freelance artist with professional experience or a staff member of a non-funded company.  This bursary is not open to core-funded organisations.

  • Demonstrate in 250 words or less your interest and/or experience in theatre-making and/or devised theatre practice and how this masterclass will enhance your practice and enable you to make new work in the future.  You may use bullet points or send a video of between 2-3mins (no longer).

  • Please send your submission to with the heading MASTERCLASS BURSARY to


Once you have demonstrated your eligibility this will be allocated on a first come first served basis.  If you can afford the full price fee for the masterclass we would encourage you to not apply for this bursary.


at The MAC,Belfast 
10th to 13th Jan 2024

Supported by Belfast City Council


Amadan are offering MANIFEST, a new work residency for practitioners working within the performing arts as part of this year’s inaugural Theatre Works Fest NI.  This has been supported by Belfast City Council and our partner The MAC, Belfast


MANIFEST is a residency specifically for developing early stage, new work.  You can be at any stage of your career but you must have some professional experience.  Your idea can be at the very early stages of development or can be a first draft of a script.  Your idea must be formed enough so that you can discuss how it might be presented.  We are open to creators from different backgrounds including but not limited to physical theater, comedy, street performance and circus.  We also welcome applications from groups as well as solo artists.


DATES - 10th to 13th Jan 2024

LOCATION - The MAC, Belfast 10 Exchange St West, Belfast BT1 2NJ


 *What the Manifest Residency will Offer: 


  • Studio space in the MAC - award-winning venue in Belfast's Cathedral Quarter, home to all kinds of exhibitions, theatre performances, experimental works and endless goings-on.

  • Access to three established & experienced practitioners for mentorship

  • Opportunity to showcase an extract of your work at the end of residency in front of a supportive audience

  • Learning ways in which you can produce your own work independently


During the residency you will work collaboratively with mentors as well as having your own space where you can work privately.  You will be mentored by three established practitioners Alan Richardson, Gemma Mae Halligan and Jude Quinn.  With their expertise and guidance your ideas will be explored and developed over the four days, with the opportunity of performing an extract at our Manifest Showcase on the final night. 


-Gemma Mae Halligan is a theatre maker, performer and director who has worked with some of the leading theatre companies in Ireland.  She is the co-founder of Amadan Ensemble and has expertise in devised theatre practice.  


-Jude Quinn is theatre maker, clown and physical performer who has worked extensively across Ireland and Europe.  He is the co-founder of Amadan Ensemble and has expertise in physical comedy, clowning and mime.


-Alan Richardson is the artistic director of Surge, based in Glasgow, Scotland.  He has worked as a director and performer extensively across the UK and Europe and has expertise in outdoor arts and directing.


There is no cost to attend MANIFEST, however you are responsible for all other costs relating to your attendance e.g. travel and accommodation.


To apply email with the subject line 'Residency Application' including this information in no more than 500 words or video of between 4-5mins (no longer):

~Tell us about your show 

~Track record of you & team (if applicable) 

~ How your project would benefit from this residency 


Deadline for Applications is 10th December 2023. 


What former MANIFEST participants thought:

‘An opportunity to focus on the exploration and process of making work supported by three generous and experienced mentors who all had different and complementary insights.  I really felt how passionate and caring all three were towards the work.’

‘The company set up a safe and supportive sharing environment where all of the participants felt secure enough to try out embryonic ideas.  I learned how to ask useful feedback questions and reflect on questions that others had about my work and the intentions behind it.’

‘I felt very supported by each mentor in very different ways.  They challenged me by asking questions about my intentions, my story, my character, the audiences I envisaged.  They researched things with me. They shared in the delight of my discoveries.  They offered suggestions to improve my work in advance of the public performance.  I felt like they were invested in my journey.’


at the Lyric Theatre 
of October & 5th of November 

CLOWNLAB 2023_1.png


Amadan Ensemble’s regular training programme giving participants the opportunity to explore their inner clown is back this Autumn. Clown personifies happiness & optimism; they meet every catastrophe with a smile & are delighted in the face of every flop.

Dates: 29th October & 5th of November

Duration: 10am - 5pm

Location: Lyric Theatre Belfast

Led by Gemma Mae Halligan & Jude Quinn, combining their extensive experience in Clown and devised theatre, every session will begin with a short physical meditation to prepare our bodies & minds before using games & exercises to explore your Clown. The training will focus on:

• Play - letting your mind run free into true spontaneity & creativity

• Resilience & Confidence – being able to remain optimistic & joyful amidst certain


• Complicité & Receptivity - being open to the audience & any unforeseen occurrence

• The Uniqueness of You - discover what is uniquely funny & special about you

This programme will build your confidence in front of an audience & help you accept confusion & spontaneity with grace. ClownLAB is open to all arts practitioners in any stage of their practice/career and irrespective of their discipline as well as those outside the arts industry.

This iteration of ClownLAB will be a two day workshop from 10am - 5pm. Book your ticket online through the Lyric Theatre website to secure your place. We can't wait to see you there!

Amadan continues to provide new iterations of this training opportunity yearly and is delighted to see the impact of the previous programme on participants outlined below.

~ I discovered new and beautiful ways of connecting with others and my child self.

~ Very interesting to think about the power of authenticity, vulnerability, trust, collaboration, and the concept of clowning.

*This opportunity is supported by Belfast City Council and we are delighted to deliver ClownLAB through their Arts & Heritage grant.


Geppetto - Printed Poster .jpg


at the Lyric Theatre 
26th, 27th & 28th May



Geppetto is a brand new children's production from Amadan Ensemble premiering at the Lyric Theatre, (55 Ridgeway St, Belfast BT9 5FB) running from the 26th - 28th of May 2023. Geppetto is the story of a lonely old man, grieving the loss of his wife and isolated from the world outside his workshop.  He spends his days pottering in his repair shop, half-heartedly fixing broken things, never quite getting to the bottom of the pile of these once loved but now discarded items.  His small and solitary life is interrupted by the unexpected arrival of a mysterious visitor that brings his broken things to life; a lamp causes havoc, a radio bursts into song, and a Hoover is determined to cause trouble.  Geppetto is slowly pulled out of his lonely existence and into a world full of hope and opportunity.  He’s finally able to move through life no longer weighed down by loss.  As we leave him, the mysterious visitor has one last gift to bestow - one story’s end is just another story’s beginning.  


Geppetto, original story by David Morgan (The Untold Truth of Captain Hook) is a non-verbal production, featuring physical comedy, puppetry and music.  This fun and hilarious new production is suitable for children aged 6yrs + and is supported by Belfast City Council, Halifax Foundation NI and Arts Council NI. 

Tickets: can be purchased HERE

Creative Team

GP- director.png
GP- Associate artist - Liz Cullinane.png
GP - writer - david morgan.png


Gemma is a theatremaker and co-founder of Amadan.  During her time with the company she has performed, produced, directed, designed and made many cups of tea and written many funding applications.  Gemma especially loves to create new theatre and work with others on their own creative journeys. Co-founder & creative director of Amadan.  Gemma Mae has worked as an actor for over 10 years with companies including Rough Magic, Lyric Theatre Belfast, Tinderbox, the Abbey Theatre, Kabosh & Centre Stage.


Michael McEvoy 25, is a Belfast based dance researcher and maker. Specialising in contemporary dance performance and choreology, Michael has had the great pleasure to work In TV, Film, Cruises, Musical Theatre, Opera and most commonly dance Theatre. An Alumni of Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music & Dance, Michael graduated in 2019 with a First Class BA(Hons) Degree in contemporary dance and was awarded The Sylvia Bodmer Memorial Fund for exceptional research into Choreology. Michael is the current choreographic 'Reveal' Artist with Prime-cut Productions. A two year residency program Belfast 2023-25 to mentor and aid the development of his next work. You can catch Michaels latest piece ’Our Boys’ March 2023 in the MAC Belfast as part of Young At Arts Belfast Children’s Festival.


Multi-instrumentalist musician, composer and producer Dave Marks grew up in Belfast, but moved to London where he spent a quarter of a century honing his musical instincts working with artists as diverse as Hans Zimmer, Amy MacDonald, Robert Plant and D-Ream. Upon returning to Belfast in 2021, he has been exploring remote collaboration, modern pop production and writing for theatre and dance with companies like Prime Cut, Peter Corry Productions and Play Make-Believe.


Morgan worked as an artistic and technical director in texas for 20 years. Even won some awards for scenic design and lighting. Production managed and created festivals for the city of San Antonio including a renaissance faire, Shakespeare in the park, and an arts night event called Luminaria. Has written many shows that toured nationally in the states. Is pleased to be working with Amadan and to be back at the lyric where the show “the untold truth of Captain Hook” premiered. 


Liz is a multi-disciplinary artist working in paint, films, composing music & writing. Their studio practice is in drawing, painting, collage, photography and 3D assemblage pieces. She writes on early C20th Irish art. Most recently published in Mary Swanzy:Voyages published by IMMA to accompany her retrospective where she was also Artist In Residence. Recently selected in two competitive writing opportunities. In Sligo Library with writer-in-residence, Susan McKay the second with Karis Kelly, writer-in-residence at  the Lyric Theatre, Belfast. Producing and directing the Wake project in 2020/21, making three short films funded by the Lottery Heritage Community with Féile Women Singers.


James has been working as a lighting designer for over twenty-five years. His earliest designs were in the Lyric Theatre, Belfast and included Stones in his Pockets, which he re-lit in the West End and Broadway. His design was also used in various Irish, UK, US and World tours. He has had one other West End show (Alone it Stands, Duchess Theatre), and has lit shows in Canada, Australia, Russia and New York, and his designs have toured all cross the UK and Ireland. He won the Irish Times Irish Theatre Award in 2023 for Best Lighting for the Lyric production Big Man. 



Sarah was born in Belfast and trained at Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts, London, 2001-2004, and with The Jim Henson Company in puppeteering. Sarah comes from a performance background specialising in puppetry. Sarah writes, directs, and produces theatre freelance, and is Artistic Director of Cre8 Theatre. Sarah has worked in television; Charles Hurst Renault presenter, Power NI commercial, Moy Park commercial, Pajanimals (Jim Henson Company with Sixteen South), Sesame Tree (Sixteen South and Sesame Workshop), Sketchy with Diarmuid Corr (Green Inc.), The Dwelling (Stirling Television), Building Energy Rating commercial (RTE), No Vote No Voice commercial (BBC NI), Casualty and Down to Earth (BBC).


Jude Quinn is an actor and theatre maker based in Belfast.  After working as a Clown Doctor for 4 years with ClownDoctors N.I, Jude discovered his love for physical comedy.  This led him to Paris where he studied at Ecole Jacques and under clown master Philippe Gaulier, learning the skills of mime. clown, physical comedy and bouffon.  Since returning Jude has performed in his own creations as well as worked as movement director with many local companies.  He is co-founder of Amadan Ensemble, a physical theatre company who specialise in style of clown and buffoon.


at the Lyric Theatre 
18th & 19th Feb

ClownLAB 2023

We are so excited to announce our 2023 iteration of ClownLAB in the Lyric Theatre on the 18th & 19th of February!


ClownLAB is Amadan Ensemble’s regular training programme giving participants the opportunity to explore their inner clown. Clown personifies happiness & optimism; they meet every catastrophe with a smile & are delighted in the face of every flop.


Led by Gemma Mae Halligan & Jude Quinn, combining their extensive experience in Clown and devised theatre, every session will begin with a short physical meditation to prepare our bodies & minds before using games & exercises to explore your Clown.

Tickets can be bought through the LyricTheatre's website -  

Old Santa - No Credit.jpg

TFI Xmas 
The Last Noel

19th December 2022
The Black Box, Belfast. 

Forget what you know about Santa, this man ain’t no Saint

Amadan Ensemble’s notorious Christmas show TFI Xmas returns to the stage for one final time on 14th & 15th December at The Black Box, Belfast.  

Having been first performed seven years ago TFI Xmas, has left audiences rolling with laughter, wincing in disbelief and begging for more.   TFI Xmas has developed  a cult following due to the hilarious and sometimes dubious antics of the Santa You Deserve on stage, screen and select public appearances.  This year Amadan Ensemble has decided to release this Santa to the world one last time before his retirement for good.

About the show: “It’s Christmas Eve, the stocking is hung in anticipation of Santa’s arrival.  However, things are about to take an unexpected turn.  TFI Xmas brings the Santa You Deserve, a St. Nick for the age of Tik Tok, to the stage in this festive riot.  What starts out as a fleeting visit turns into a hilarious nightmare, where nothing and no one is safe.

This hysterical show lifts the lid on Christmas Eve and what Santa is really like.  Expect physical comedy, naughtiness, and lots of side-splitting laughter, you may even get a chance to sit on Santa’s knee!

TFI Xmas is Amadan’s legendary satirical Christmas show, skewering our seasonal habits and hypocrisies. Join them as they bring TFI Xmas back to its birth place for one last time before it’s gone…. forever.” 

Quote from Jude Quinn, performer and Creative Director of Amadan Ensemble:   

“Seven years ago we had an idea for a character so grotesque and larger than life we weren’t too sure if it was even for this world.  But we are such great believers in taking risks especially when it comes to art, that we created a piece for the stage with one man, a few props and a bottle of whiskey.  Word started to spread and soon TFI Xmas was selling out where ever it played, developing a cult like status and he even hosted an episode of The Arts Show on BBC.  His viral videos hits over 100,000 views on Facebook and his personal Christmas cards almost got him locked up (no joke).  We also had the pleasure of collaborating with local artist Leo Boyd who created two limited prints which we have been selling online along with The Santa You Deserve Xmas Cards.  It’s been a joy to watch this small idea grow into a beast, but we are also happy to put him to rest.   We have loved every minute with this crazy character, who at his heart shows us what Christmas is really about.”


Santa You Deserve online store- You can support Amadan Ensemble by buying one off prints and cards here:

Quotes from previous audiences:

‘This mischievous little piece is sophisticated and adult, replacing the traditional cuddly image of Santa with a rancid old geezer…  Quinn possesses a lean, lanky frame and astonishing facial mobility, perfectly suited to European mime and movement techniques. He also has a sharp, subversive sense of the absurd… which skilfully sends-up the predictable and leads down a road that we are reluctant to take but helpless to resist’ -(Culture Northern Ireland review of ‘TFI Xmas’)


Santa is amazing. It will probably be one of the things which flash before my eyes on my death bed.

-(Audience member)


Show 8pm 

Harmony saves the world.png

Introducing Harmony Saves the World | Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival 

Harmony Saves the World is a part of this years Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival. Harmony will be in the Sunflower on May 2nd and May 3rd at 8pm. Come along to be enlightened. Tickets are £10 and available from the CQAF website linked below.


Harmony is a wellness guru on a mission to save the world through the power of love. Let’s face it – the world is sick, so why not be part of the cure? Join Harmony’s revolution to save humanity by using her transforming programme to rid yourself of your prejudices. Let her guide, embrace and transform you so that you too can love everyone, even the dicks.


And if you think that sounds too hard, don’t worry! Harmony knows the difficulty of ridding yourself from prejudice because she was once as hate-filled and bitter as you are.


This is a show about how we really feel about the people around us, about our divided society, and how we talk to each other as we establish equality. Harmony Saves the World is all about laughing through some uncomfortable truths and hopefully, maybe, being a bit kinder to each other.


**Runs 50mins max. Includes audience participation and some swearing. Suitable for 16yrs+


Date: 2nd & 3rd May 

Time: 8pm 

Venue: Sunflower Pub, Belfast

Tickets are £10 and can be found here CQAF



Doors 8pm - Show 8:30pm

Introducing Bedlam Bazaar hosted by Harmony

The wait is over! You can buy tickets to our next Bedlam Bazaar, now!

This is a showcase of International artists and performers performing for Amadans Misfits Cabaret at Vault Artist Studios. This includes a number of artforms including Circus, Clown & Buffon, Sound performances,  Theatre and Performance Art. Participants of Amadans Manifest Residency will showcase new and experimental work that was developed throughout the residency as well as our hostess with the mostest, Harmony. 


Be prepared to laugh, love and to rock your socks off! And of course, BYOB 


Date: 2nd of April

Time: Doors- 8pm, Show- 8:30pm

Venue: Vault Studios, Belfast

Tickets are £11 and can be found here Eventbrite



Supported by Belfast City Council


Introducing Amadans Manifest Residency 

Amadan will be offering Manifest, a new work residency for practitioners working within the performing arts. This is designed for people who want to develop work & ideas. You can be at any stage of your career but you must have some professional experience. Your idea can be at the early stages of development or can be a first draft of a script. Your idea must be formed enough so that you can discuss how it might be presented. We are open to creators from different backgrounds including but not limited to physical theatre, comedy, street performance and circus. We also welcome applications from groups as well as solo artists.

              What the Manifest Residency will Offer: 


  • Fee of £120 

  • Studio space in Vault Studios, including wifi, kitchen facilities, parking, studio close to city centre

  • Access to 3 established & experienced practitioners for mentorship

  • Opportunity to showcase in Bedlam at the end of residency in front of a supportive audience

  • Ways in which you can produce your own work independently- new tools going forward


To Apply email with the subject line 'Residency Application' including this information in no more than 500 words:

~Tell us about your show 

~Track record of you & team 

~ How your project would benefit from this residency 

During the residency you will work collaboratively with mentors as well as having your own space where you can work privately. You will be mentored by three established practitioners Alan Richardson, Gemma Mae Halligan and Jude Quinn. With their expertise and guidance your ideas will be explored and developed over the four days, with the opportunity of performing an extract at Amadans raucous Cabaret’ Bedlam Bazaar on the final night. 


Deadline for Applications is March 2nd.

Madam Kaka Po & Son Current Walkabout.jpg


Supported by Belfast City Council

Photo credit - Neal Campbell

Amadan is delighted to announce that having been awarded the Pathfinder Award from Belfast City Council, we are now seeking to appoint a Bookkeeper.


Amadan Ensemble is husband-and-wife team Jude Quinn and Gemma Mae Halligan, who have been creating edgy and physical theatre since 2013 predominately using the styles of clown and bouffon.  Now a registered charity, we have been engaging their audiences with theatre that is visceral, entertaining, relevant and, at times, confrontational.  Amadan has been completely self-reliant and has only been in the receipt of funding since 2020. 


This is an excellent opportunity for an enthusiastic individual; the bookkeeper is a key position, responsible for managing the core finance functions of the organisation. The primary role is the preparation and reporting of accurate and timely management accounts for the board of trustees.




Belfast, Northern Ireland / Remote position

4hrs per month @£15 per hour

Freelance post: Starting in Jan 22

REPORTING TO - Creative Director


RESPONSIBLE FOR - The finance function



  • To support and work closely with the Creative Directors to provide accurate, timely and informative financial information.


Financial Management and Control

  • Timely and accurate preparation of quarterly Management Accounts for Amadan Ensemble and funders, as required:

    • Reconciliation of all balance sheet accounts, including bank reconciliations

    • Preparation and posting of necessary accounting adjustments including prepayments, accruals and deferred income

    • Preparation of management reports of actual against budget for presentation to the Board of Trustees and Creative Directors

  • Budget preparation and variance reporting

  • Cash flow management, to ensure adequate working capital is available.

  • Management of financial processes, recommending and implementing improvements

  • Management and preparation of Sales Invoicing and Credit Control.

  • Supervision of Petty Cash

  • Management, control and processing of fixed assets within the company including additions and disposals 

  • Management of creditors payments and review of monthly supplier statement reconciliations 

  • To be responsible for maintaining all mechanisms of financial control, and ensuring adherence, by all staff, to the financial policies and procedures.



  • to observe the strictest confidentiality at all times;

  • to comply with policies and practices on health and safety, and equal opportunities;

  • to undertake other duties as may reasonably be required.



  1. Minimum of three years’ experience working independently as a bookkeeper.

  2. Qualified Accounting Technician or part-qualified accountant or a minimum of 5 years’ experience will be accepted in lieu of a qualification.

  3. Experience of preparing budgets and reporting budgets to funders

  4. Experience in producing quarterly management accounts, and making the necessary accounting adjustments.

  5. Experience of using computerised accounts.

  6. Proficient in the use of Microsoft Office, including intermediate or advanced Excel Skills;



  1. Experience of management of a finance function

  2. Experience of developing, implementing and managing policies and procedures



Successful applicants will be able to demonstrate the following qualities

  1. Strong interpersonal skills, with excellent written and verbal communication skills.

  2. An enthusiastic and flexible approach to work

  3. A natural problem solver with the ability to multitask

  4. The ability to prioritise and manage time effectively

  5. Natural aptitude for figures and attention to detail.



This position can be a remote position.  However, attendance may be required at the Amadan studio for resolution of queries or for attendance of board meetings which would necessitate the bookkeeper to reside in the surrounding area.



Hourly rate £15 - 4hrs per month



The position is a freelance post of 4 hours per month, due to the nature of this position some degree of flexibility is required from the post holder to meet the demands of the business.  We would expect this position to start immediately upon signing of contract.



To apply please submit your CV by email along with a covering letter demonstrating how you meet the essential and desirable criteria (if applicable) to Gemma Halligan at



The closing date for receipt of CV’s and Cover Letters is 5pm 10th Jan 2022

Failure to complete and submit a covering letter demonstrating how you meet the criteria will result in your application being disqualified.  Canvassing will disqualify. Late applications will not be considered.



It is proposed that interviews for this post will be held on Friday 14th January 2022.



Episode 1 - 24th April
Episode 2 - 1st May
Episode 3 - 8th May
Episode 4 - 15th May

“I can see what the future will look like.” 

Amadan was due to take part in a showcase of brand new work on the Lyric stage in mid April but in the last few weeks the world has changed utterly.  Thankfully, the team at the Lyric decided that the work should continue in a new form and asked us if we could revise our ideas and do something new, something we've never done before.  We jumped at the chance and landed in a world of social distanced delivery of technical equipment, solitary filming, Zoom production meetings and remote editing. 


The Lyric say 'From an age of solitude, seven NI-based artists & directors are responding to the Covid-19 crisis while in lockdown. We've moved our artist-led initiative New Speak online and into your homes, with compelling, invigorating and urgent new work that speaks to where we are right now; from Amadan Ensemble, Dominic Montague, Katie Richardson, Lata Sharma, and Zara Janahi, and directed by Emily Foran and Oisín Kearney.

These artists have each created a dynamic short performance piece that seeks to engage with the urgent questions raised by our current political, social and economic moment; reflecting on how we got here, and imagining where we go next.'

New Speak: Re-Imagined is available to view for free from 24th April – 22nd May. Due to the nature of the material, the production age recommendation is 14+. 






Amadan will be taking part in the first ever Vault Fringe on 1-2 June.  This will be a mad mix of dance, comedy, visual art, axe throwing, crazy golf, music & heaps more!  Amadan will be show casing their new show 'Harmony Saves The World' as well as taking part in the super circus cabaret, featured our beloved Mr. Mess.  We'll also be giving you some of our delicious walkabout & introducing you to 'Tech' by Rob Kane.  Tickets & more information is available here





Do you have something theatrical you want to create?  A play, a performance, a script, a series of sketches?  Do you need some space and/ some help?


Amadan are offering a one month residency in our fabulous studio & office so you can do just that!  Come & join us in our eagles nest at the top of the awesome Vault Artist Studios & let’s make some ART.  This is an expansion of our Share The Love initiative to help artists create & play.

What we are offering –

  • 1 month of any time access to our office where you will have a desk and chair, WIFI, many posters to look at & many electrical sockets to plug into.

  • 15hrs per week of access to our studio over the 1 month period – lots of light, the best view of Belfast & a whole wall of mirrors, white board, chalk board, fridge & tea & coffee making facilities.

  • 2hrs per week of access to Amadan staff to help you with your project – we can watch stuff, talk through things, critique or just have cups of tea, it’s up to you!

  • You can decide how you want to use the space & there are no expectations for you to produce anything at the end of your time with us.  This is space to PLAY.


What we need from you –

  • £70 – this includes a month long Vault Artist membership fee.

  • To abide by Vault Artist membership rules & procedures, including an induction session to the building.

  • To take care of the space, yourself & be mindful of our Vault community & our neighbours.

If you are interested please apply to by 24th Apr 19.  Decision will be announced 29th Apr 19 & residencies will start on 6th May 19.

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Share The Love is back!  Amadan's playful series of workshops are returning in April & this time we have extended them.  Over three weekends we will focus on Clown (intro & intermediate) & Bouffon.  These workshops are geared towards professional arts practitioners & anyone with an interest in exploring their performance abilities, expanding their thought processes & growing their confidence.  For further information please click here


Amadan is delighted to announce clown show PINK & BLUE will be on tour in October 2019.   Dates and venues will be announced soon.


Is it true that girls and boys are so different?

Three clowns explore and play with what it means to be a boy or a girl… or maybe both… or maybe neither!  With silliness and fun, this show aims to find out if we can all be who we want to be and accept others as who they are too!

Suitable for age 4 years +

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