Things are strange.  Normally, we would be in a room with a bunch of slightly nervous and excited people playing games and laughing together in a Clown workshop. 

But that was then and this is now.

So, how can we create those same feelings of vitality, togetherness and creativity on Zoom?

Thanks to support from Arts Council NI, Lyric Theatre and our mentor Eric Davis (Red Bastard, Cirque du Soleil) Amadan has designed a brand new course for artists to immerse themselves in a secure & creative space.  Whether you want to work on a new project or simply dream of the time when you can practice your art form with other people then this is the workshop for you!

This 6 week online course will combine the playful curiosity of Clown, the rigour of the Bouffon and the creative expression and possibilities found in devised theatre to explore how we can build our creative muscles and get ready to make work.

You will engage in exercises, work in collaboration with other artists and have the space to engage in creative conversation to assist with your work or practice.  There will also be will be four guest speaker sessions, one of whom will be Eric Davis, where you can benefit from the experience of established artists and have the opportunity to ask questions.

Limited spaces available.

Sessions will be held online over zoom. An invitation to join the Zoom workshop will be sent to the email address you have used to book, on 4th Mar by 7pm. 


ClownLAB is an 8 week training programme to give participants the chance to explore their inner idiot & what it means to be joyful amidst certain disaster.  Clown personifies happiness & optimism, they meet every catastrophe with a smile & are delighted in the face of every flop.  

In ClownLAB we will use games & exercises to discover what is uniquely funny about you.  We will focus on play & being open to the audience & any unforeseen occurrence.   This programme will build your confidence in front of an audience & help you accept confusion & spontaneity with a smile & a game, letting your mind run free into the fantastical.

The 8 week programme will build to a relaxed showing of the clown work at our cabaret Bedlam Bazaar.  (Inclusion in this event is not compulsory.)  ClownLAB is open to all arts practitioners irrespective of their discipline as well as those outside the arts industry. 18+


Stay tuned for further updates.