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Amadan continues to create opportunities for local and international theatre makers, performers and artists through creating new and exciting theatre productions, access to masterclasses, residencies and workshops for adults. Amadan has been developing its networks both at home and further afield with the intention of exploring and showcasing local and international artists. In creating high quality pieces of physical theatre, it is at the forefront of our development plan to extend our current local and international touring efforts. This will be achieved through the critical engagement with new networks and audiences, alongside diversifying local and international bookers.


Amadan are looking ahead and exist to bring NI performing arts into the future. We want to use our collective ingenuity and expertise in physical storytelling to create something beautiful and sustainable, that feels like it is made in Belfast but that speaks to the global experience. Amadan intends on being at the heart of the burgeoning, dynamic and diverse arts scene that is fast becoming a cultural hotspot for visitors to the city. We want the artists we work with to feel brave in their art and themselves - to have confidence in their own artistic sensibilities and capabilities as a result of the rigorous, relevant and resonant way we work. Our audiences become braver in what they go to see and how they interrogate the art they consume which will hopefully have an impact on their lives. Past examples of this are Harmony Saves the World, TFI XMAS, Manifest Residency, The Old Curiosity Show and many more.  

Selected Amadan Ensemble Adults Projects, Productions & Training Below:


The Show 

The world is sick!  Do you want to be part of the cure?  Then join Harmony’s revolution to save humanity.  Let her guide, embrace and transform you so that you too can love everyone, even the dicks.


This is a show about love and how we really feel about the people around us.  There's a lot of talk about our divided society, the establishment of equality, the concept of ‘wokeness’ but how does that actually express itself in our daily interactions with each other? 

Harmony skirts the line between clown and bouffon, playing with the audience and serving up some very loving critique. She's a wellness guru with a world-embracing message of change through love.  She knows the difficulty of ridding yourself from prejudice because she was once as hate-filled and bitter as you are.  Through Harmony’s transforming programme we explore our own prejudices and attitudes and become truly enlightened.

This show is all about laughing through some uncomfortable truths and hopefully, maybe being a bit kinder to each other.


TFI Xmas - No Credit.jpg

The Show 

Amadan Ensemble’s notorious Christmas show TFI Xmas 

Having been first performed seven years ago TFI Xmas, has left audiences rolling with laughter, wincing in disbelief and begging for more.   TFI Xmas has developed  a cult following due to the hilarious and sometimes dubious antics of the Santa You Deserve on stage, screen and select public appearances.  This year Amadan Ensemble has decided to release this Santa to the world one last time before his retirement for good.

About the show: “It’s Christmas Eve, the stocking is hung in anticipation of Santa’s arrival.  However, things are about to take an unexpected turn.  TFI Xmas brings the Santa You Deserve, a St. Nick for the age of Tik Tok, to the stage in this festive riot.  What starts out as a fleeting visit turns into a hilarious nightmare, where nothing and no one is safe.


This hysterical show lifts the lid on Christmas Eve and what Santa is really like.  Expect physical comedy, naughtiness, and lots of side-splitting laughter, you may even get a chance to sit on Santa’s knee! TFI Xmas is Amadan’s legendary satirical Christmas show, skewering our seasonal habits and hypocrisies. Join them as they bring TFI Xmas back to its birth place for one last time before it’s gone…. forever.” 

Quote from Jude Quinn, performer and Creative Director of Amadan Ensemble:   

“Seven years ago we had an idea for a character so grotesque and larger than life we weren’t too sure if it was even for this world.  But we are such great believers in taking risks especially when it comes to art, that we created a piece for the stage with one man, a few props and a bottle of whiskey.  Word started to spread and soon TFI Xmas was selling out where ever it played, developing a cult like status and he even hosted an episode of The Arts Show on BBC.  His viral videos hits over 100,000 views on Facebook and his personal Christmas cards almost got him locked up (no joke).  We also had the pleasure of collaborating with local artist Leo Boyd who created two limited prints which we have been selling online along with The Santa You Deserve Xmas Cards.  It’s been a joy to watch this small idea grow into a beast, but we are also happy to put him to rest.   We have loved every minute with this crazy character, who at his heart shows us what Christmas is really about.”



Amadan delivers a yearly 'new work' residency for practitioners working within the performing arts. This is designed for people who want to develop work & ideas. You can be at any stage of your career but you must have some professional experience. Your idea can be at the early stages of development or can be a first draft of a script. Your idea must be formed enough so that you can discuss how it might be presented. We are open to creators from different backgrounds including but not limited to physical theatre, comedy, street performance and circus. We also welcome applications from groups as well as solo artists.

During the residency you will work collaboratively with mentors as well as having your own space where you can work privately. You will be mentored by three established practitioners Alan Richardson, Gemma Mae Halligan and Jude Quinn. With their expertise and guidance your ideas will be explored and developed over the four days, with the opportunity of performing an extract at Amadans raucous Cabaret’ Bedlam Bazaar on the final night. 

 What the Manifest Residency offers: Participation Fee, Studio space including wifi, kitchen facilities, parking, studio close to city centre, Access to 3 established & experienced practitioners for mentorship, Opportunity to showcase in Bedlam at the end of residency in front of a supportive audience, Ways in which you can produce your own work independently- new tools going forward!




The Show 

The Old Curiosity Show: John Patrick Higgins’ new play sees a thread-bare troupe of troubadours wrestle with three Victorian melodramas, with the shabbiness of their surroundings and finally with each other.

Expect buffoonery, slapstick, innuendo and dark humour as this show about a show slowly unravels revealing the bare bones treading the bare boards.


Cast - Countess Erzebet Battery, minor gentry from somehwere vageuly European - Gemma Mae Halligan

Sir Vere Vere de Vere, ageing juvenile lead - Jude Quinn, Anne Idiotte, an idiot - Helen Ashton

Written by John Patrick Higgins | Photo credit - Neal Campbell

ClownLAB - 2023