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Is it true that girls and boys are so different?  Can girls only wear pink?  Do boys only like blue?

With silliness and fun, this show sees two clowns find out if we can all be who we want to be and accept others as who they are too!


Pink & Blue is a collaboration between Amadan Ensemble and performer Jennifer Jane Jordan with music composed by composer Neil Foster.

Suitable for 4yrs+

40mins duration


He looks different, his walk is strange, his face funny and he says nothing with his mouth but a lot with his body.  If you are brave enough, this delightfully perverse prankster will lead you on a journey of squeamish laughter, grotesque truths and maybe some slightly uncomfortable self-discovery. He may look bizarre and do the most outlandish things but is the Imp really that different from you?

Using the grotesque clowning style of bouffon and following the worldwide phenomenon of the Je suis Charlie' hastag, this show explores the sometimes perverse nature of humanity.  The Imp thinks the unthinkable and does the unmentionable.  And who knows, after spending an evening with the Imp you might just feel that little bit more impish yourself!


Quinn and his actor/director wife, Gemma Mae Halligan – under the umbrella of their company Amadan – have together crafted a piece that is as amusing as it is disturbing, as entertaining as it is thought-provoking.'  To read the full Culture Northern Ireland review by Jane Coyle click here


'Jude's eyebrows and chin deserve their own dressing room given the level of performance they give... While the Imp appeared at the MAC for just one night back at the end of February, Jude Quinn together with his director Gemma Mae Halligan and their physical theatre company Amadan have created a monster that will hopefully return to local stages as well as further afield venues to provoke and terrorise more audiences. ' To read the full Alan in Belfast review by Alan Meban click here


You better watch out, you might well cry! Santa Claus is coming to town!  Forget what you were told as a child, this man ain’t no saint!  Thank F#ck It's Christmas is Amadan's annual feast of Christmas delight, festive perversion and the truest representation of the holiday season you are likely to find.  Be ready for the real Santa (a bouffon of epic proportions!) to take you on a sleigh ride to the depths of tinsel covered, turkey flavoured hell!  Not suitable for little people (18yrs+) or people who are no craic.  Available for touring every Christmas season.


‘This mischievous little piece is sophisticated and adult, replacing the traditional cuddly image of Santa with a rancid old geezer…  Quinn possesses a lean, lanky frame and astonishing facial mobility, perfectly suited to European mime and movement techniques. He also has a sharp, subversive sense of the absurd… which skilfully sends-up the predictable and leads down a road that we are reluctant to take but helpless to resist’ . To read the full Culture Northern Ireland review of ‘Thank F#ck It’s Christmas 2014 by Jane Coyle click here


'Quinn has a remarkable ability to minutely control his movements and to change his shape inside a costume, at one point making it look like two different people are controlling the two sides of his body.  The final lipsynced medley boosts Quinn into the premiere league of silent Stars in Their Eyes performers, as he morphs through the shape, gender and movements of so many well known artists in a routine that is highly synchronised with the shifting music tracks. (His Mariah Carey is amazing!)'  To read the full Alan in Belfast review of Thank F#ck It's Christmas 2016 click here


Our building in Shaftesbury Square might be haunted.  Seriously!  There have been reported strange goings on late at night that can't be easily explained.


So we've decided to have a few nights of our own paranormal investigation to find the truth.  With your help we & some audience volunteers will explore the building with cameras & special equipment as you watch from the comfort of the theatre.

We're not sure what we'll find but we're excited to find out!

Come along for a special Halloween night, that's sure to be like no other this year.  We'll have the bar open early as we'll start the show very late (10:30pm).  All the better to catch the ghosts on the hop!

This is a special co-production developed by Accidental, Amadan & Pan Narrans.

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